So...when is East Texas Going to Finally Get A Blast of Cooler Temps?

Let me start this off by saying the following: Please, don't kill the messenger!


Remember that nice blast of Fall we had?

Back in mid-September, the Pineywoods got a wonderful taste of Fall. Remember?  Daytime highs were in the 70s and 80s, overnight lows actually dipped into the 40s in parts of the area.  The coffee tasted better, hoodies were brought out of retirement, and fall decorations didn't seem so out of place anymore.

But hey, this is East Texas and we have become accustomed to Fall arriving in small doses.  Just like the Dallas Cowboys have teased their fans (of which I'm one) with a Super Bowl contender over the last quarter century, so Mother Nature likes to tease us with a small sampling of the nectar of Autumn before adding some habanero sauce to remind us that the term 'Heat Index' is still in play.

But, we're overdue for our next tease!

Usually though, by the first to second week of October, we get that Fall Tease 2.0.  But, after taking a look at the forecast models through the next few weeks, Splash Kingdom in Nacogdoches may want to consider re-opening. Heck, water parks in Fargo, North Dakota may want to open back up. Texas is not the only area expecting temperatures well above normal through at least mid-October.  Much of the central Plains and Midwest are in for an extended Summer as well.

Who is responsible for this heat wave and can we fire him?

Why is this happening?  I'm sure there is some sort of technical reason to blame - La Nina, El Nino, Mrs. O' Leary's cow or Thanos is back and collecting Infinity stones.  Personally, I have reasoned out the following - the cold air filters in through Canada; more and more provinces in Canada are reinstating mask mandates; somehow a mask has been placed on whatever or whoever is supposed to blow the colder air into the U.S.

Whatever the reason for the extended delay of another Autumn tease, it looks like we'll continue with high temps in the 80s and even the 90s, plus the humidity is not going anywhere anytime soon. Maybe, somewhere, somehow we can convince a virgin to light a black-flame candle and bring some Halloween-type weather to the Pineywoods.


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