A rash of recent accidents on Highway 69 in and around the Central ISD school zones has the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) along with the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) combining efforts to raise awareness of reduced speed limits ini the area.  Likewise, they are studying possible changes through the area.

Because of these incidents, TxDOT has begun studying the school zones and what areas could be improved, corrected or changed. DPS has placed troopers through the area daily to enforce reduced speed limits and help keep motorists alert.

“Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers work daily enforcing Texas traffic laws to ensure the safety of school-aged students as well as all of the motoring public. Motorists are encouraged to be patient and exercise caution while traveling in and around school zones,” said Sgt. David Hendry, DPS Highway Patrol Education officer.

Motorists should expect early morning and afternoon congestion and stay alert to school zone speed limits, buses entering and exiting school property, and school officers attempting to direct traffic through all school zones.

“We know that at certain times of the year the rising sun is unforgiving and directly in the eyes of southbound motorists on US 69 North and that is something beyond our control,” said Rhonda Oaks, Lufkin District public information officer. “In addition, there are those traveling this busy highway who are not aware of the school zones or the merging or turning traffic, and that creates a safety issue that we want to study.”

DPS troopers will be present through the area continuing to work to enforce reduced speed limits and promote the safety of the traveling public.

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