A Texas woman has been charged with impersonating an officer after a video went viral of her screaming at a group of Hispanic teens. Last week a video went viral of a woman at a Fort Worth, Texas park yelling at a group of teenagers for playing on the playground equipment. In the video, you see the woman, who has been nicknamed "Swing Set Susan," forcibly stopping a swing that the teens had been playing on. The woman, identified as 38 year-old Samantha Ely, told the group that they were too old to be playing on the playground equipment and even tries to push one of the teenage girls off of the swing. When the girls insist they can still play on the equipment, she begins cursing at them and states that she is a police officer.

Another video from the same day shows the woman harassing a group of parents at the park. Ely pushes her child to the front of a group of parents so her child can use the playground equipment and tells the other parent her child is too old to be using the equipment. The other parents confront the woman and show her a sign saying that kids 5-12 years old can use the equipment and she soon leaves embarrassed. Ely was arrested and charged on Wednesday for impersonating a police officer according to the Star-Telegram. She had been in custody for violations regarding a separate case.

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