The Brits have Brexit, and some Texans are ready for Texit. A Texas representative says he believes this nation doesn't represent the values of Texans anymore and he's had enough. He wants Texas to go its own way. Texas Representative Kyle Biedermann of Fredericksburg wrote a lengthy statement on his Facebook page explaining why he wants to file a bill to allow a referendum on succession, according to KSAT News in San Antonio. In the post, Rep. Biedermann highlights a section of the Texas Constitution that states the people of Texas have the right to "alter, reform, or abolish their government" if it doesn't represent the state or people.

While Rep. Biedermann's idea is interesting, it's unlikely we will see #Texit happening in our future. And if Rep. Biedermann's name sounds familiar, it's probably because of controversies in his political past. Rep. Biedermann once went to a charity benefit dressed up as gay Hitler, an "Saturday Night Live" character Chris Kattan used to play. The photos of the shocking attire can be seen on the San Antonio Express-News website. Rep. Biedermann also made headlines after he won his House seat when he sent out letters to Islamic leaders asking them to fill out surveys about their beliefs, according to the Texas Tribune. If people really want #Texit to become a thing, Rep. Biedermann may not be the person you want spearheading the effort, although it's extremely unlikely that will happen.

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