Thousands of sea turtles off the coast of Texas are being saved after being stunned by the frigid temperatures battering the Lone Star state. The freezing temperatures in Texas have wreaked havoc for citizens, bursting pipes, knocking out the power, freezing water, and making it difficult for items to be transported throughout Texas.

While people are suffering from freezing temperatures, wildlife enduring the frigid cold are needing some help too. Volunteers have been working tirelessly to save thousands of cold-stunned sea turtles in South Texas.

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Over 2,500 sea turtles have been rescued from the chilly waters off the coast of Texas and moved indoors. Sea turtles, like all reptiles, are cold-blooded and are unable to maintain a constant body temperature. According to the National Park Service, when the water temperatures dip below 50 degrees sea turtles become lethargic and are unable to swim. When that happens, the turtles typically float to the surface and need to be rescued. If left on the water's surface, turtles can be hit by boats or end up floating to shore.

Off South Padre Island, rescuers and volunteers have been working tirelessly over the past few days to rescue as many sea turtles as possible from the elements. So many sea turtles have been successfully rescued that the conservation facility usually used to house turtles has been filled, and the South Padre Island Convention Center opened their doors to temporarily house the animals.

Sea Turtle, Inc. is a nonprofit located on South Padre Island that has been working tirelessly throughout the week to save as many sea turtles as they can. Just like the rest of Texas, Save Turtles has been dealing with power outages that put the lives of the turtles in danger. Thankfully, SpaceX sent a large generator for the entire facility. But the organization still needs your help.

You can donate to Save Turtle, Inc through their Facebook page or website. To see more about the rescue of the sea turtles in Texas, follow Twitter user @lara_hand who is updating everyone as her mother works in Texas to help save more turtles.

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