The men and women of law enforcement deserve our respect.  They should be honored and loved for their unenviable task of providing safe communities for us to live in.  I wish anyone that doesn't feel that way would just move to a different country. that out of my system.

A friend of mine named Cady Fuller alerted me to a video that I needed to watch.  That video features a young man named Garrett Martin Bradford performing a song that he wrote called 'I Back the Blue'.  It's simple, it's positive, from the heart, and it's wonderful.

Bradford, 24, is from Weatherford, Texas (just outside Fort Worth), and he has performed as an individual and with bands for the past several years around the DFW area.  In August, he will be moving to Nacogdoches to attend SFA and get a degree in political science.

Bradford basically wrote the song just to show where he stands when it comes to the men and women in blue.  He appreciates their daily sacrifices and he wanted to convey those feelings in a song.

When he moves here to East Texas, we can't wait to have him in the KICKS studios.