I've lived in Hudson for over 10 years, so Highway 94 is a road I travel often.  One of the common sites that I see when going back and forth to my home is the mint-colored, quaint house that is the home for MarTeres Tea Room.  For nearly the past two decades, if you were to pass by MarTeres during lunch time, you could count on a packed parking lot.  Their food is just that good.

MarTeres via Facebook
MarTeres via Facebook

This morning on their restaurant's Facebook Page, the sad announcement was revealed.  Here is that announcement:

Nineteen years ago at this very time, MarTeres was a dream about to come true. For nearly nineteen years , it has been our pleasure and joy to serve everyone that comes through our doors. Whether chicken salad, quiche, chicken spaghetti, a delicious glass of almond tea or yummy desserts, we have loved serving you. We have made lasting friendships
The last few months have been trying for any business, especially small businesses. We have made the difficult decision that our time has come to an end. This has not been an easy decision. We love our customers and faithful employees. We will miss our daily routine and serving everyone we have come to know and love.
As of now, our last day to be open will be Friday June 18. As we plan our weekly menus for the final weeks, we would love to know your favorite soups and specials!
With gratitude to our loyal and faithful customers of almost nineteen years, hats off to you!!! You are our success story. We are forever grateful that you love our food and have continued to support us.
With grateful hearts,
Margaret and Teresa
So, if you would like to make at least one last lunch venture to MarTeres for the wonderful food and to tell Margaret, Teresa and all the staff a big Thank You for the years of wonderful food and service, I would suggest you make your reservation as soon as possible.  I'm sure many folks across East Texas will be doing so.

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