It's always a great thing when area businesses give back to the community.  Pilgrim's - Nacogdoches has been one of the largest contributors to the community and they proved that yet once again earlier in December.

According to a post on the City of Nacogdoches - City Government Facebook Page, Pilgrim's has made another huge contribution that will impact the Nacogdoches Community. In February of this year the City of Nacogdoches accepted a generous donation from Pilgrim’s - Nacogdoches for improvements to the Sportsplex Complex and agreed to rename it the Pilgrim’s Sportsplex.

These improvements included a restroom, improved fencing, safety lighting, field netting, a scoreboard and improvements to the parking area. Several of these improvements have already been completed and the others are awaiting bids or in the design phase.

But Wait...There's More!

The City of Nacogdoches recently received yet another grant award for additional improvements to the Pilgrim’s Sportsplex. This round of funding will cover adding Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliant sidewalks around the fields, improving field drainage and purchasing new soccer goals and nets.

City of Nacogdoches via Facebook
City of Nacogdoches via Facebook

The Nacogdoches City Council accepted the donation amount at the December 7, 2021 City Council meeting. Staff will begin the coordination with various contractors to ensure these projects are completed in a timely manner while ensuring the facility remains open for the adult soccer program as well as other uses throughout the Winter season.

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The Pilgrim's Sportsplex is located on Farm to Market Road 3314 in Nacogdoches, just northwest of the Nacogdoches County Exposition and Civic Center.

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