The Better Business Bureau has released their list of "East Texas' Top Ten Scams Of 2021".

"Scam artists are not going anywhere. Unfortunately, during the pandemic, we've seen them become more aggressive," Mechele Agbayani Mills, President and CEO of BBB servicing Central East Texas said. "Whether it's online or over the phone, we must remain vigilant when it comes to protecting personal and financial information."

Don't get caught in one of these most reported, East Texas' scams of 2021.

1. Online Purchase Scams - When buying items online make sure you are dealing with a legitimate seller by taking a quick look on 

2. Phishing - Be wary of any electronic communications you are expecting to receive. Clicking links or downloading anything from these messages could let a hacker into your precious data and cost you or your company money.

3. Prizes - If it seems too good to be true it is. If you didn't enter to win a prize and you get a request to enter personal information, it's most likely a scam. You will never win a lottery you never entered.

4. Fake Employers - If you have to pay to cover the costs of testing, training, or background checks, it is most likely a bogus employer.

5. Healthcare Scams - Watch out for phone calls from fake Medicare imposters asking to confirm your Social Security, income, or bank account information.

6. Tech Support - Victims of this scam are contacted via messages on their computer that a virus has been detected. The actors pretend to be well-known tech companies.

7. Fake Invoices - If you get a bill for services, check your records to make sure that you indeed incurred the cost. This one is usually targeted at businesses.

8. Identity Theft - Keep your personal information safe and don't share it online, via text, on the phone, or in person. Scammers want your information to steal your identity.

9. Government Grant - If you have not applied for a government grant, you will not be awarded one. With this scam you get a communication that you have qualified and must pay a processing fee. Some people got messages like this from hacked friends on facebook, so double-check with them before you give out any of your funds. 

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10. Debt Collection - Consumers have reported getting harassing calls for debts that they do not owe. There are debt collection rules, and if you think they are in violation report them to the BBB. 

Keep your money and identity safe by watching out for these scams.

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