You can start off the new year with a new perspective on life. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a paranormal investigator?

If you love the paranormal a gig with Lufkin Paranormal Investigations might be for you. Candidates must have some knowledge of the paranormal and be a team player.

This is a part-time non-paid/volunteer position. I saw it pop up on facebook, and I had to take a closer look.

Lufkin Paranormal Investigators are looking for new haunts

If you think your house is haunted in East Texas what can you do?  Just message the Lufkin Paranormal Instigators facebook page.

Chad Hughes is the founder of the group and their lead investigator. They will come to you and take a look. They do not charge for their services, but do accept donations.

They have been in operation since 2008, but have taken time off recently during the pandemic. Now they are ready to get back at it and are looking for places to investigate.

What places do the Lufkin Paranormal Investigators look for? 

Private homes, bed and breakfasts, and abandoned buildings are all fair game for investigating claims of the paranormal. LPI serves all of East Texas and the surrounding areas.

They will travel further if needed depending on the severity of the case. If you are experiencing strange happenings around your home they are willing to take a look.

They always try to find a rational explanation for your case. They are looking to prove or disprove any paranormal claims you may have. They also have a psychic or medium that goes with them to offer cleansing of unwanted spirit activity at your location. 

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This is a not-for-profit group and donations they receive go toward new equipment and travel expenses.

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