Driving on Fuller Springs Dr. near Slack School in Lufkin you would never know the bumpy drive just around the bend. The residents there have been dealing with large potholes in the county controlled section of the road.

Someone Did Something About It 

Some resident recently got an idea to put out some custom spray painted coroplast signs that warn drivers of the potholes ahead. They used white signs with black lettering, and a few different descriptive names for the potholes to keep it interesting.

Once you start down the part of the road not maintained by the city of Lufkin, you are greeted by a sign that sets you up for what is to come. Ruff Road.

Work Has Already Started 

When I went by the area this morning, there was a Motor Grader (Blade) with an Angelina County sticker on the side at the beginning of the area in question. The machine wasn't actively working, but they already had one load of what looked like hot mix asphalt down.

I will revisit the area later to see if that was all they were planning on doing today, or if it was the great start residents were hoping for. Don't expect miracles. Do expect to have lots of rocks kicked up onto your vehicle when going over the road. There was no roller there at the time.

Would You Go This Far To Get Your Road Fixed?

Just putting up some signs would at least warn and remind drivers that there is a big hole coming up would be nice. They seem to have done the trick for getting some attention in this area.

The Pot Holes Of Fuller Springs

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