This isn't a quick fix, and Elon Musk is not involved in this one. Granted there are nearly 900 Starlink Satellites in orbit, and he has made it available to a select few rural Texas schools and families, but this isn't that.

Why Do I Need To Take Connected Nations Survey

If you are in San Augustine, or Nacogdoches County they are currently doing a survey to assess your access to affordable broadband.

I know it's an issue in our listening areas, and it's sometimes due to access, but affordability is also an issue.

Just like access to affordable housing, now there are plans in place to give people access to internet. What was only for a privileged few back in the late 90's is now an integral part of our lives. Your children's future success could even depend on it. 

If you child grows up without the use of internet, there could be perceived limits to how far they can go in life. Nacogdoches County has over 5,000 households with no access to the internet. Angelina County has almost 7,000.

How Bad Is The Internet In Rural Areas?

If you live in the City of Lufkin or City of Nacogdoches, you have access to internet.  If you look at the Texas Coverage Map for internet in our area you will see that outside of town, it's an informational desert.

Even having access doesn't mean that it's at least 100 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up. Most people that think they have that much, haven't ran a speed test. If you are interested in finding out more there is a Public Information meeting at the Nacogdoches County Convention/Civic Center Monday, July 19th at 6:30pm.

House Bill 5 

Texas Gov. Abbot just signed House Bill 5 today Wednesday, July 14, 2021 and some other very important legislation to expand broadband in rural places in Texas.

These are all steps in the right direction, just like this program.

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