If you have driven down University in Nacogdoches in the past 24 hours you might have noticed there is a pile of rubble in front of University Mall. The pile is all that is left of the Arby's at 1208 University Drive.

Both locations were up and running as of 2015, but I can't find out exactly when it closed down. If you know, you can always email me and I can include you in the story.

Both Arby's Will Be Torn Down

If you told me that the Arby's at 3512 South St. on 59S coming into town would be torn down after this one on University, I wouldn't have believed you. With all the construction in that area, the backhoe is coming for that old Arby's location soon.

What's Next For The Site Of The Old Arby's?

Once the last remnant of the building is gone from the front of the mall, what will be in it's place?  The only thing that everyone in Nacogdoches seems to agree on is that it shouldn't be a Car Wash or a Donut Shop. I agree Nacogdoches is full up on those.

Some friends have mentioned a Dr's office might be built there. It's just as plausible as any other guess, so I am going with that one.

Don't Worry There Is Still An Arby's

With both locations closed down and one soon to hit the wrecking ball, it's hard to imagine a world without curly fries. The new Arby's location in the Love's Truck Stop between the Twin Cities (they hate it when I call them that) is there to serve them up hot and fresh.

Arby's University Drive Nacogdoches Torn Down

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