Nacogdoches High School seniors were awarded their scholarships and the top ten and Who’s Who students were recognized during the NHS Award Ceremony on Tuesday, May 24. 

According to a NISD press release, NHS students graduating this year have received a collective amount of $2.8 million. Among these scholarship recipients are NHS seniors who received the honor of being names Who’s Who. NHS Principal Kenneth Wooten announced the students honored with the status of Who’s Who at the NHS awards ceremony.

“This award, voted on by the faculty, honors those students who have reflected a positive attitude and have remained outstanding throughout high school in the areas of leadership, scholarship, service, character and cooperation,” said Wooten.

Each student selected was required to maintain an average of 85 or above throughout all four years of high school. These students excelled in both academic and extra-curricular programs at NHS.

The following are the Who’s Who honorees:

  • Nick Alderman
  • Emma Bond
  • Jamal Brown
  • McKenna Ethington
  • Brandon Jones
  • Makayla Kilmer
  • Presley Mackey
  • Ryan Munro
  • Bethany Petty
  • Brooke Petty
  • Ana Segura
  • Shee Shee
  • Gunnar Smith
  • Ryan Wooten

After the Who’s Who students were recognized, Wooten announced the Top Ten students in the 2016 graduating class.

  • Valedictorian - Presley Mackey
  • Salutatorian - McKenna Ethington
  • 3rd Matthew Brian Goodman
  • 4th Emy Roux
  • 5th Jacob Johnson
  • 6th Laura Dunn
  • 7th Gunnar Smith
  • 8th Hadley McKnight
  • 9th Josephine Unger
  • 10th Eugene Choi


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