In March, 2016, Lufkin Police requested the public's help in locating a man that had been reported missing by his father.  On March 2nd, Jason Stevens, 36, was last seen leaving his job at Ross Motorsports on North Timberland Drive around 10:40 a.m.

He walked back to his nearby room at Petty’s Motel after telling a co-worker he didn’t feel well. Steven’s father, Bruce, reported him missing after his son’s boss called looking for him when he hadn’t shown up for work. Stevens’ father said he spoke with his son by phone the morning he was last seen.

Since that time, nearly a year has passed, and now, Jason Stevens has turned up on a YouTube video.  Matthew Bilodeau apparently was intent on doing an interview with a random homeless person walking the streets of Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, California.  After some digging, the YouTuber realized that the person he chose to interview was reported missing some months ago, so Bilodeau decided to do a follow up interview for video.

Matthew Bilodeau will be joining us on the Merrell in the Morning Show on Wednesday at 8:30 to talk more about his conversations with Jason Stevens.

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