According to a report from the Lufkin Police Department, Clayton Williams, 27, (pictured at left) was arrested after he ran out of Walmart with six DVD box series including The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, NCIS, Game of Thrones and Blue Bloods.  

He tripped while attempting to run out of the store and dropped the DVDs and a small baggy of marijuana. Witnesses said he ran behind a nearby store, changed shirts and was in front of Starbucks. Officers found him and he was taken into custody. He was medically cleared after intentionally banging his head on the cage inside the officer's squad vehicle.

In a separate incident, Zorcorey Grimes, 32, was arrested after officers responded to a report of a man causing a disturbance and attempting to damage a vehicle.

Officers arrived to find Grimes with a wrench in his hand. After telling him to drop the item he was issued a criminal trespass warning for the home and told to leave. He then stood in the road and began yelling profanities in an attempt to get a reaction from officers and the people at the home. Dispatch then advised officers that Grimes had a warrant for his arrest. Grimes resisted when officers attempted to take him into custody.

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