Lufkin Police are reporting that Ronald Murphy Jr., 31, was arrested for criminal mischief Tuesday afternoon after he punched out the window of a police Tahoe while intoxicated. An officer was giving Murphy a courtesy transport to his nearby apartment when the incident occurred around 5 p.m. at Green Meadows Apartments on Lotus Lane.

The officer first came into contact with Murphy following a call of an intoxicated person lying in the grass near the Skate Ranch. The intoxicated person was Murphy's friend.

Officers attempted to speak with Murphy’s friend and though he was conscious, he would not respond to their questions. Due to the possibility that Murphy's friend may have ingested a toxic mixture of drugs, a medical unit was called to the scene. He was taken to a local hospital to be checked out.

Initially, Murphy was calm and collected but a short time later began showing signs of intoxication.

Officers told Murphy that if someone would come to get him, they would not take him to jail. When Murphy’s girlfriend could not immediately come to get him, an officer then agreed to take him to her apartment less than a mile away.

Upon arriving at the apartment complex, Murphy stepped out of the officer's Tahoe and then punched and headbutted the window, breaking the glass.

Murphy cut his hand and face and was transported to a local hospital to be medically cleared before being taken to the Angelina County Jail.

It will cost an estimated $500 to replace the police unit window.  Lufkin Police have provided video of the incident.  We caution that blood is present when Murphy punches his hand through the glass of the vehicle.

The Lufkin Police Department continues to warn the community that it is believed that a toxic mixture of narcotics has made its way into our community. This is being based on several calls we’ve received in the past month.

Police continue to caution anyone who has a loved one with a drug problem to be on the lookout for signs of intoxication and medical distress including:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Excessive thirst
  • Profuse sweating
  • Increased heart rate
  • Irrational behavior

If you recognize these signs, get them to a doctor or hospital as quickly as possible. If they are combative and refuse to go, call the Department at 936-633-0356 or 911 for an emergency.

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