The City of Lufkin is advising residents of several options when it comes to the collection and disposal of the vast amounts debris from last week's winter storm.

Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., City of Lufkin Solid Waste customers can bring their brush piles to Kit McConnico Park for disposal. You are asked to please bring a copy of your water bill or anything with an address that proves you are a City of Lufkin customer.

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When you arrive at the park, signage will point you to the drop location. Workers will be there to help you unload. The city of Lufkin is offering this disposal option because the expected volume of special collection (curbside) work orders would greatly extend completion time. Depending on the size of the collection, the city typically will have a one to 10 business day turnaround.

If you are unable to drop off your storm debris Tuesday or Wednesday, the City of Lufkin has offered the following guidelines based upon the amount of your debris to be disposed:


SMALL (small enough that one person can collect): If you have a small amount of debris on the curb that needs to be picked up, please put in a work order here to expedite the process.

EXCESSIVE (a larger job that would require two people): For those with excessive amounts of debris/construction waste from storm damage, the city does provide “LARGE pickup services. Normally, every household is allowed one free “LARGE pickup” a year. Given the current circumstances, there will be no charge for any storm-related “LARGE pickups” this week. To avoid the charge, you must get your request in this week by filling out a work order.


EXTENSIVE (commercial-size bin necessary): For those with extensive amounts of debris and demolition/construction waste, the City of Lufkin provides “Litter Critter” service. The rental period can be for Friday morning to Monday morning, or for the week from Monday morning to Friday morning. This will be delivered to you, you fill it, and then the city picks it up for $50 per load. For more information see the Litter Critter rental agreement. To rent one, contact Solid Waste at 936-633-0281. 

A reminder that solid waste drivers will run their routes twice this week due to the large quantities of trash. If you have Monday pickup, you will have a second pick up on Wednesday, if you have Tuesday pickup, a second pick up will happen again on Thursday. The pickup schedule will return to normal next week.

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