According to a release from the Lufkin Independent School District, information has been received by the district suggesting that an inappropriate relationship may have existed between an educator in the District and a former student. 

Upon receipt of this information, an investigation was begun immediately by the School District’s Police Department.  When confronted with the allegations and given notice that the educator would be placed on administrative leave immediately and relieved of all duties by the district pending the outcome of investigations by the District and by law enforcement, the educator resigned from her employment by the District.  The educator who resigned is identified as Mary Ainsley Thigpen.

A warrant for the arrest of the educator on a felony charge of Improper Relationship Between Educator and Student was obtained by the Lufkin Independent School District Police Department.  Wednesday afternoon, Thigpen was arrested and she later posted bond.

The investigation by the School District and the School District Police Department is continuing.  The name of the former student is not being released.

If anyone has any information about this matter, please contact the attorney for the Lufkin Independent School District, Mr. Wayne D. Haglund, or local law enforcement.