Although the threat of wintry precipitation is over, East Texas motorists need to be wary of traveling early Tuesday morning due to icy roads.

Much of the heavy snowfall in the area has been melting throughout the day Monday, but, a lot of that water will re-freeze tonight with low temperatures expected to dip into the 20s. That could lead to widespread patches of transparent ice on all roadways in the Deep East Texas area.

These areas of 'black ice' can be extremely dangerous, especially since the icy patches are so hard to detect.  If you do drive onto a patch of ice do not hit the brakes and keep the steering wheel straight.

The National Weather Service is also forecasting 'freezing fog' in our area.  This will only add to the dangerous travel issues as this will cause further icy conditions and cut down on overall visibility.  Many area schools have already made the decision to start classes two hours later than normal to give temperatures a chance to rise and hopefully melt these patches of black ice.

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If you have to travel on the area roads, especially before 8 a.m. Tuesday, give yourself some extra time to reach your destination and going slower than the speed limit is a good idea as well. is a great resource from the Texas Department of Transportation to keep up with road conditions in the area.


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