I just did something extremely stupid, and I hope it hasn't cost the beautiful, gentle dog her chance to get adopted and find a forever family.  Every week, we get a visit from the Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County.  Shelby, from the shelter, brings up a dog or cat to the station to be featured as our 'Pet of the Week'. We talk about the pet on the air and I also do a video which gets featured on our KICKS 105 Facebook Page.

This morning, while I was in the process of downloading the video, I messed up.  Instead of hitting the copy key, I hit the delete key and just like that, the 70 second video of our Pet of the Week was gone.  It's these videos that go a long way into touching the hearts of those thinking about adopting, and the video I recorded today went a long way into showcasing how sweet and gentle and lovable this week's pet is.  But now, that video is gone forever, and I hope it hasn't cost 'Tokyo' the chance to have a forever home after nearly 3 months at the shelter.

Tokyo is a young pit bull, terrier mix.  I was told by Shelby that she tends to take a little bit of time to get over her shyness, but within 60 seconds (and with the help of a couple of treats) she was laying her head on my lap.  Tokyo weighs a little over 60 pounds,  She is solid, but at the same time, so very gentle and just loves to have her fur touching your skin. She's up to date on her shots, spayed and micro-chipped, and once again, she's been at the shelter hoping for a forever family for around 75 days.

I hate that one stupid move of my finger has possibly cost Tokyo the potential to be seen by so many and to have the opportunity to get adopted.  You can call the Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County at 936-639-1880, or go by and visit them on the West Loop in Lufkin next to the Pelican's Pointe.

I hope I can soon update you with the news that she's found a forever home and family.

Pet of the Week - Tokyo


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