When they first started construction we were uncertain what the footprint would be of the developing Lufkin location of the famed Texas Roadhouse steakhouse chain restaurant.

Now that we have a finished product, we have a better idea of the parking and dining situation.

When Do They Open?

There have been many thoughts on what day they will officially start serving the public. Now that date seems more concrete. Barring any unforeseen issues, they will likely open on Monday, July 26th at 4pm.

There might be sneak peaks this week, or trial runs involving a few select customers, but this seems to be the plan. Will you be one of the first in line that day?

Some of you like to sit back and wait until the newness wears off and things are more normal. I think it might be longer than you are willing to wait in this situation. Just go when you get hungry and let them figure that out.

Parking Situation

There was a parking lot striping crew at their location a few weeks ago, and it gave me hope that there was plenty of room to park in the area. With IHOP nearby taking up that corner of the lot, there were questions.

People have also made comments about the Chick-fil-A drive thru being at the back. Now that the building is done, that appears to not be an issue.

The parking lot was built back in the day for when the Lufkin Mall was packed at Christmas time, and they have added parking in the back.

TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick
TSM Lufkin - Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick - TSM Lufkin
Dan Patrick - TSM Lufkin

A New Perspective On Lufkin

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