Usually when I am writing these stories about places in the Lufkin Mall going out of business, it's all about the company just not being a good fit for our area. This time is different.

For Once It's Not Us, It's Them

Though our Lufkin Mall location had its final day of sales, and has now completely cleared out, we are not alone. This isn't like Bed, Bath, & Beyond where you can just go to the Tyler or Houston location.

The chain that sells casual shoes, sneakers, and clothing is closing most of their 231 stores. This restructuring started on May 21st 2021, and we are just now seeing it impact our area.

Footaction is just Footlocker 

Footlocker is the parent company of Footaction, and they are behind the closings of most all the Footaction stores. The stores are left will be rebranded as Footlocker. I guess ours didn't make the cut.

Even though the company as a whole is profitable, this will go a long way towards whatever their goals are for the brands under their umbrella.

Footlocker Bought Footaction

This closure is being touted as just another Covid pandemic related failure. Footlocker bought Footaction when they were in bankruptcy back in 2004.

Seems as though it was only a matter of time.

What's Next For This Spot?

This will leave another empty spot in a pretty critical place inside the Lufkin Mall. Footaction was one of the nicer stores there, and perfect to do some shopping while your mom was waiting in line getting tickets to the movies.


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