Local law enforcement agencies are urging residents and businesses to pay close attention to any transactions involving cash. 

There have been several reports of fake $100 bills being used at area restaurants.  These bills closely resemble the real thing, however, the words 'for motion picture use only' are imprinted in bold font in the top right hand corner of the cash.  Fake notes such as these are readily available on the internet and there is nothing illegal about owning these fake bills as long as they are not used for actual transactions.

According to a Lufkiin Police report, Monday afternoon, a woman paid for a $1.72 burrito at the Taco Bell on North Timberland Drive with a $100 that had the words "For motion picture use only" printed on it. A restaurant employee did not notice the bill was fake until she was preparing a bank drop. The Diboll Police Department is investigating a similar case.

Anyone that has information concerning these fake money transaction should contact the Lufkin Police Department at (936)639-TIPS.

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