Have you seen our article for Five First Date Ideas To Try In East Texas? Well, here's an update with some unconventional twists.

Whether you're meeting someone for the first time, or spending time with your significant other for twenty plus years, these are sure to provide you with an inside look into your date that you may have never seen otherwise.

I'll be using the acronym, "S.O." which stands for significant other, quite a few times in this article.

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    Getty Images/Image Source

    Memory Lane

    Take it old school ... Really old school

    1. Get the ingredients to make a Root Beer float (Or your S.O.'s favorite beverage)

    2. Grab a nostalgic childhood favorite film like "Home Alone," or "The Sandlot."

    3. Open a a box of toys containing a bunch of pieces you'll have to put together ... together. A whimsical puzzle or a LEGO set should do fine.

    This will keep the theme of the date innocent and may work as a trip down memory lane to simpler times of passing notes and holding hands.

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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Netflix and Actually Netflix

    Streaming Love

    How someone watches a movie says a LOT about someone.

    Do they ask a million questions?

    Do they eat loudly?

    Do they look away at the best parts?

    And the number #1 question you should ask yourself is ...

    Do you even care?

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    Locked With Love

    The Tree in Lufkin/The Challenge in Nac

    Most of you automatically thought of that sweet metal structure known as the "Locked with love Tree" located in downtown Lufkin. You can purchase a lock and key, write your initials on the lock, clamp it to the tree, and throw away the key. What a beautiful way to signify your undying love.

    Some of you thought, "Hey, that's an idea ... we'll do EscapeNac together!" The escape room in Nacogdoches where we'll be locked in a room together for an hour learning how the other person reacts under pressure.

    Doing these activities in the order listed may cause you to purchase bolt cutters.


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    Getty Images/iStockphoto

    Keep It Digital

    Real life is overrated

    It's 2017!

    Who's to say having an online relationship doesn't make it official? There are plenty of apps, social sites, and virtual worlds where you can spend quality time learning about your date.

    If you have been in a relationship for decades, then maybe meeting your S.O.'s online avatar can give you a glimpse into a world of information you never imagined.

    P.S. Watch out for Catfish!

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