The Lufkin City Council meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 16 is being cancelled under the state law that allows a noticed meeting to be cancelled due to a “catastrophe” that prevents the council from holding a meeting.

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A catastrophe is defined as a condition or occurrence that interferes physically with the ability of a governmental body to conduct a meeting, including a fire, flood, earthquake, hurricane, tornado, wind, rain, snow storm, power failure, transportation failure, interruption of communication facilities, epidemic, riot, civil disturbance, enemy attack or other actual or threatened act of lawlessness or violence.

The Tuesday meeting is being cancelled due to the current snow storm and forecasted frigid temperatures that will not allow the snow and ice to melt in time for the city council meeting.


Given the unprecedented weather, the forecast for further frigid temperatures and the possibility of more snow tonight, the following cancellations and closures will be in effect for the City of Lufkin as of 1 p.m. Feb 15.

  • City Hall, Kurth Memorial Library, the Pitser Garrison Convention Center, Lufkin Municipal Court and the Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter will close to the public through Tuesday (to reopen Wednesday morning tentatively).
  • Public Safety offices (Police & Fire) will remain open as usual.
  • Public Works departments will remain on call for any issues that arise.
  • Solid Waste was unable to perform trash pickup today due to road conditions. Conditions do not look favorable for tomorrow either. We will get to your trash bin as soon as the weather allows us to do so.


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