Last week, the full moon was out over East Texas.  However, the bizarre behavior that is sometimes attributed to it waited until the weekend. 

According to Monday's Lufkin Police Report, officers were kept busy with a wide range of incidents, most of which were allegedly tied to alcohol or narcotics.

Saturday night around 9:40, Lawrence Young, 33,(top left photo from previous arrest) was arrested on charges of public intoxication and resisting arrest after a call of a man following two women into CVS on Frank Street, yelling and acting like he was on something. When officers arrived, the suspect, identified as Young, was standing in front of the store. He had a chemical smell coming from him which was consistent with PCP use, had an aggressive look on his face and was also sweating profusely. Young became uncooperative and balled his hands into fist when officers attempted to take him into custody. After a struggle that took several minutes, he was placed in cuffs and taken to jail. One officer received several scratched on his right arm during the struggle.

Sunday morning, just before 6, Zavian Daniels, 31, (top right photo) was arrested for felon in possession of a firearm after a call of a man asleep in his vehicle in the parking lot of Bigs on North Raguet with his car door open. When an officer arrived, he found Daniels still sleeping and noticed a pistol next to him on the seat. After waking Daniels, officers noticed that he smelled of alcohol. He was taken into custody.

Sunday morning around 5:45, Bobby Ramos, 25,(bottom left photo) was arrested on a charge of public intoxication after passing out in his vehicle in the Whataburger drive-thru on Timberland Drive. When officers arrived, he was still asleep and they noticed he had an open beer sitting between his legs. After waking him, officers asked for his ID and he initially handed them a $20 bill. After the officers pointed this out, he gave them his ID. He admitted to having beer earlier in the night and failed a field sobriety test. He was then taken into custody.

Sunday morning around 8, Adam Brent Wallace, 38, (bottom right photo from previous arrest) was arrested after a call of a suspicious vehicle in the Maytag Laundry parking lot at 600 South First. When officers made contact with the vehicle, Wallace told them he and his female friend had stopped to fix his headlight because it fell out and he didn't want to get pulled over. Officers noticed no signs that the headlight had been loose. After running Wallace and his friend through the system, it was found that Wallace had a state jail felony warrant. When officer told him to place his hands on the vehicle because he was going to be arrested, he acted as if he was going to cooperate but then took off running. Officers chased him through downtown, jumping two fences as he continued running. An officer eventually caught him in a yard at 108 Zeagler. A search of his vehicle uncovered syringes, several small baggies, four pipes and other drug paraphernalia.


In another incident that did not involve any arrests, a woman's soon-to-be ex-wife damaged her property by writing on it with a permanent marker. The items included a dresser, mirror and strap on sex toy. The woman said she knew it was petty, but she did not appreciate the defamation of her property, so she wanted to make a report and speak to an attorney the next day. The officer advised her she would need to speak to an attorney because it was a civil issue.


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