Hudson Middle School officials have verified that a bomb threat was discovered on campus today around 11 A.M.  Hudson Middle School released the following statement on their Facebook Page: 

Due to the safety of all students and staff at Hudson Middle School, a decision was made to immediately evacuate the campus due to a note that was found in a Hudson Middle School bathroom. The note stated, “there is a bomb”. The note gave no location, date, or specific time. Due to the nature of incidents such as this, we feel it is imperative to be transparent with all students, staff and parents. All middle students were evacuated to the Hudson Gym. Parents who decide to pick their children up early may do so at that location. Buses will run at normal times after school. No persons will be allowed to enter the middle school campus until authorities deem the facilities to be safe. Again, all precautionary measures are taken in circumstances such as this for the safety of all students and staff.
Immediate action was taken to evacuate the facilities, contact appropriate law-enforcement agencies, and to notify parents. Hudson ISD takes situations such as this seriously and will remain transparent as to the issues at hand. Thank you for your understanding.

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