These people are into "Netflix and chills."

Last time I checked, there's nothing worse than being sick, right? It's not fun to feel miserable with an upset stomach, fever, chills, cough, etc. However, it seems like there are some people out  there who romanticize at least one aspect of being ill.

An excuse to do nothing.

A recent survey commissioned by Theraflu has found that 30 percent of people enjoy having down time while feeling under the weather. Many said they get much-needed sleep while sick and they look forward to catching up on their shows. Not to mention that glorious feeling of not having to go into the office.

I can't say I completely disagree as it feels like a form of self care.

If you dive deeper into the survey you will find that 25 percent of people experience a feeling of nostalgia while sick. Having someone take care of you takes you right back to your childhood. In fact, some will watch old television shows or movies to further create a feeling of the good old days.

You know, I'm starting to think I need a mental health day...

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