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If one Texas lawmaker gets his way, the Monday after the Super Bowl would be an official state holiday.

A good number of Texans will be watching the Kansas City Chiefs take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday night in Super Bowl LV on CBS. They'll be snacking and drinking their way through the game and when its all said and done, they'll be quite a few of them that will be too tired to go to work Monday morning. Instead of calling in and taking a sick day, Texas House Bill 371 could make the Monday after the Super Bowl a Texas state holiday.

The bill was drafted by Texas State Representative Art Fierro of El Paso and tells Fox 26,

It’s a serious issue when you talk about business owners. It’s a bill that could cost the employers nothing, yet save them billions of dollars potentially."

When you look across the nations' workforce, one study estimates that 17 million people take a personal day or call in sick the day after the big game and has earned the nickname 'Super Sick Monday', according to CBS Sports.. Not only are employers losing employees for a day, but they're also losing valuable time because their employees are talking about the game so often the next day. From the big plays, the commercials and the half time show, employees will spend nearly ten minutes talking about the game. Representative Fierro goes on to say,

For every ten minutes that an employee spends rehashing the game or commercials, that’s costing U.S. employers almost $296 million in lost productivity."

I'm not too sure this bill will be up for discussion in Austin for other representatives to debate, but it's at least a thought starter. Let me know in the comment section if you're for this newly proposed holiday.

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