There's a new survey out that says the East Texas job market could be better.  But it also says those who are employed could do a lot better job of, well, doing their job!

Workforce Solutions did the survey, and found that 60 percent or workers in East Texas lack skills like anger management, dress code, phone etiquette.  Workforce solutions will try to help by offering a class that covers skills including time management, organizational skills, anger management, job readiness, and dressing for success.  They've got several locations around East Texas, and for more info on the locations and classes you can click HERE.

Liking statuses on Facebook, online shopping, and watching Youtube videos of cats getting scared off of window sills may be fun ways of passing the time at work, but unfortunately they're not job skills.  Darn!  We do hear that listening to music can make you more productive, so feel free to turn up the radio while you work.  Thanks for letting us keep you company while you work on mastering the phone etiquette and dress code.

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