A North Texas-based fast food chain has just been chosen as the number one Mexican fast food restaurant in America. Not too difficult to believe actually. This is Texas after all.

According to Yahoo News, Farmers Branch-based Taco Bueno has been named America’s Favorite Mexican Chain restaurant in Market Force Information's annual quick service restaurant study. Taco Bueno even beat out a couple of the more ‘upscale’ fast food eateries, Chipotle and Qudoba.

Taco Bueno is small for a chain, very small in fact. They have only 175 locations in 7 states, compared to Chipotle’s 1,500 or Qudoba’s 640. Taco Bell, who many might consider Bueno’s closest competitor, has over 6,000 locations.

Taco Bueno, unlike some other fast food chains, emphasizes a fresh product approach. Yahoo News reports the chain makes their salsa in-house and actually cooks their own pinto beans to make refried beans daily.

The first Taco Bueno location opened in Abilene in 1967, but only began franchising in 2005. They were acquired by TPG Growth in 2015. TPG is currenty working on expansion projects. All of the current 175 Taco Bueno locations are in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado

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