And the Favorite Halloween Candy in Texas Is…
If you ask ten people for their opinions on the best Halloween candy, you might get ten different answers.
Can we at least agree that chocolate is better than a sucker?  Moms are not raiding the Halloween haul looking for Dum Dums.
Most people in Texas agree that the best Halloween…
East Texas Job Survey
There's a new survey out that says the East Texas job market could be better.  But it also says those who are employed could do a lot better job of, well, doing their job!
Two Texas Cities on the Most Redneck List
Tom Pennington/Getty ImagesA real estate company put out a blog naming the most redneck cities in America, and Texas has two in the top ten.
We tend to think of redneck cities being here in the south, but there are some northern metro areas that made the list.
Online Survey Helps Find New Lufkin ISD Superintendent
Leaders at the Lufkin Independent School District are forming thoughts now about what characteristics the new Superintendent should have, and they're taking input from the public.
An online survey is up where you can give the school district your thoughts about what qualities you'd like to see in the…

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