We've all heard the story of the woman in Wichita Falls that was banned from Walmart there for riding around in the motorized shopping cart drinking wine from an empty Pringles can. Because of that, it has started this kinda cult following now.

Part of that following comes from Etsy according to abc7amarillo.com. The Cup Artist has developed a tumbler designed like a Pringles can so you and "...your friends or moms that endure long trips in Walmart and need to drink wine from a Pringles can."

The 20 ounce tumbler will cost you $29.99 but the joy of possibly recreating that Wichita Falls moment is priceless.

These are pretty heavy duty, too. They are "custom coated", "UV printed" with "double wall vacuum seal technology".

If you want to pick one up (I don't know much about Etsy but when I visited the page, the price wasn't listed and I saw a gray "Sold" bar. I don't know if that means they are sold out or there because I don't have an account.), head over to the Cup Artist Etsy page. They have a ton of other designs and themes for tumblers, too.

Maybe we'll see you joy riding at a Walmart soon.

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