I have a soft spot in my heart for dogs. My husband and I have 4 at home, one of which I had while in college, and these dogs get everything. We go on vacation? They're boarded in a doggie spa (or what seems like one to me). They get the best treats, the comfiest spots in the house - you get my point...they're pretty spoiled dogs.

Then I saw one thing they didn't have while scrolling through Etsy. Now if we take a vacation, they can come along in their own pet RV. I'm just calling it the 'Winnebarko' and I'm here for all of this!

They were created by Big Creek Mercantile out of Tennessee, but you can get one right here in Texas! These tiny campers resemble a larger one that you'd see on the road and handmade from cedar wood, exterior plywood and stainless steel (but please remember they can't actually be towed). Add on the painted detail - and it takes it to a new level.

These are found on Etsy are really advanced for what you get. Check this out:

  • WiFi Camera in the Window uses your smart phone with the free Presence App.
  • Battery Operated L.E.D. Roof Lighting
  • Dog Bone Shaped Bumper w/ your Dog's Name
  • 2 Stainless Steel Food & Water Bowls
  • Miniature Birdhouse above the Food Court
  • Real Wheels for easy trailer relocation
  • Handmade Curtains in all 3 windows
  • Moveable Window Box with Flowers

That's so cute, but keep in mind it will run you a cool $500 and is considered the medium sized Winnebarko. There's a larger version (which you can find here) that runs $600, and a smaller one that runs $400.

So now when your pup is just hanging out on the back porch, or front porch, or living room, they can do so in complete style. I'm a little jealous.

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