If you thought the Tide-pod eating era we all endured earlier this year was crazy, just wait until you hear about what what the laundry detergent brand has coming down the pipe.  The picture you see above is 100% real.  Tide's latest innovation is a wine-box style dispenser.  No joke.  The company that had to put warnings on their product packaging because people were eating them, decided the best way to improve things was to copy a Franzia Wine box.

The new wine detergent box is designed to be better for the environment and easier to ship.  According to Fox News, the new packaging will reportedly use 60 percent less plastic and 30 percent less water than the traditional 150-ounce plastic bottle. Parent company Proctor & Gamble are betting the tide of retail is turning to more of an online system.  They're betting that more people will buy their product online from places like Amazon and Walmart.com than from traditional brick-and-mortar retailers in the near future.  This design is supposed to improve the process.

To me, it looks like an accident waiting to happen.  I could totally see myself mixing this and the White Zinfandel I reserve for late night laundry sessions.

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