We knew it couldn't last.  We went two full months into hurricane season without a tropical storm anywhere near Texas or Louisiana, but we may not be able to feel safe for much longer.  There's now a storm "out there" that could very well come our way and cause major problems.



Tropical Storm Ernesto is still way down in the Caribbean, but the National Hurricane Center maps showing its projected path have it heading straight for the Gulf of Mexico. It is expected to grow to hurricane strength by the middle of next week, and if it stays on its present track it would hit the Texas and/or Louisiana coasts sometime in the next two weeks.

Of course a lot can happen in that time period.  Changing atmospheric conditions could possibly steer it away from Texas in one direction or another, but the Texas Division of Emergency Management at the DPS is taking no chances.

The Lufkin News reports they're assuming this storm will hit Texas and move into east Texas. They're already meeting with local emergency agencies and first responders, planning how they will deal with the problems it will cause.

We know from bitter experience that it's better to be safe than sorry.


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