People in central and south Texas are practically praying that Tropical Storm Don will come ashore, and it appears their prayers will be answered.


Remembering the disastrous rains Tropical Storm Allison brought ashore  ten years ago, we might be wise to be careful what we pray for, but Texans can be forgiven for wanting some relief from the heat and drought.

But, even a tropical storm may not have enough rain to put a dent in the worst drought in the state's history.

The National Hurricane Center says Tropical Storm Don is not expected to grow into a hurricane, and they expect it to make landfall somewhere on the lower Texas coast late today or early Saturday.

A tropical storm warning is in effect for the Texas coast from Matagorda Bay south to the Rio Grande, but there are no plans for evacuations of the coastal areas.

For people who weren't here in 2001, Tropical Storm Allison was the deadliest and costliest tropical storm on record in the United States.  It was the worst natural disaster to hit Texas since the Great Hurricane of 1900.

Allison is the only tropical storm to have its name retired without ever having reached hurricane strength.

It dropped up to 40 inches of rain from Houston northward into east Texas, and caused the worst flooding in history in the greater Houston area.

41 people were killed, and total property damage was nearly seven billion dollars -- over five Billion dollars in Houston alone.

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