Houston Chronicle Science Reporter Eric Berger is reading the meteorological tea leaves, and he reports today there's an outside chance that a tropical depression in the Caribbean is on a track that could take it into the Gulf of Mexico toward Texas - soon. 


This depression is now south of Cuba, but it could be in the southern Gulf of Mexico by this weekend.  Computer models show it moving into the Gulf and toward the upper Texas coast.

Here's where it gets very "iffy" for Texas. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how badly you want some rain, there's a real possibility of an early fall cool front in the next week and a half.

If  the projected storm makes it to the northwestern Gulf, that front COULD push it off to the east and away from Texas.

Tropical storms are just huge low pressure systems that follow lines of lower atmospheric pressure.  They can't push into areas with higher pressure.

This system in the Caribbean is not to be confused with the tropical storm that's still out in the Atlantic south of Puerto Rico. That's Tropical Storm Katia, which is expected to grow into a hurricane.

The National Hurricane Center says Katia is now moving to the west-northwest, but forecasters think it will steer more to the north away from the Gulf of Mexico and toward the U.S. East Coast.

No one can predict what's going to happen with 100 percent accuracy, but Texas will face a tropical threat in the coming week.

Temperatures will go down and rain chances will go up.


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