The official start of hurricane season is just a few weeks away, and emergency preparedness officials in all Gulf and Atlantic coast states are getting ready for it.

No matter how many major storms this or that expert is predicting, people who've been through hurricanes can tell you it just takes one to change your life forever.



Here in Texas, coastal counties are not the only areas affected by hurricanes.  Some storms have come far inland into East Texas where they've caused considerable property damage and destroyed millions of trees.  Even storms that didn't come our way have forced thousands of people to evacuate the coastal areas and come to east Texas for shelter.

East Texas government agencies and relief organizations know from bitter experience that they need to be ready for the worst if a hurricane gets into the Gulf of Mexico.

Their message to the public is that hurricane season is close, and people must be ready to endure and survive a hurricane, and, if they can, be available to help evacuees from the affected coastlines.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami, Florida is sponsoring National Hurricane Preparedness Week from May 27 through June 2nd.

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