Still in a festive mood and want to have some family time today? Today (Monday, December 27th, 2021) is "Visit the Zoo" day.

The weather is certainly cooperating and it will be really nice outside. You could even strap the Christmas tree to the car and take it to the zoo for recycling.

If you are like me, you want all the Christmas decorations gone quickly after the new year. This is the perfect way to give your Christmas tree a new life at the zoo.

What kind of trees do they accept at Ellen Trout Zoo? 

Though the Ellen Trout Zoo is accepting trees at this time, they have a specific type of tree they are looking for.  When you are ready to let your tree go, here are the ones they can use.

The first thing is that it has to be a real tree. It must be natural and unaltered. If your tree is covered in flocking and tinsel, it's a no-go for the animals.

Take all of your ornaments off, and get the tree ready to take up to the zoo during regular operating hours.

Zoo Hours - 10am - 5pm Daily

Zoo animals enjoy playing with the trees

They use the trees for enrichment for the animals. They love interacting with the trees in their exhibits.

The animals play in and around them providing hours of activity. It gives them something to smell, scratch on, and pull apart.

Stop by the administration or admission office and they will direct you to someone to receive the tree.

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