How much school did you miss?

One Hudson High School Student hasn’t missed a day this year. In fact, she hasn’t missed a day in 13 years!

Could she be eligible for the Guiness Book or World Records? Perhaps an East Texas record at the very least.

Loren Huffstetler hasn’t taken a sick day over the last 13 years, and her mom told KTRE that she really encouraged it, and didn’t miss a day of high school herself. Loren actually said things have come up that she’s wanted to be part of, like senior skip day, but she just kept trucking along in class and hasn’t missed. Only a few more weeks to go Loren!

The Guiness Book of World Records doesn’t track perfect attendance records because they say it’s a common occurence. Really, all the way from kindergarten to high school?

If you know of anyone in East Texas that has topped Loren’s feat, please let us know. We doubt we can find anyone like her. Nice job Loren!