A tragic East Texas story has become a major news maker spanning the globe.

Less than two weeks ago, Vanessa Clark of Lufkin was convicted of child endangerment when for the 2nd time in as many years one of her infant sons died after sleeping in her bed.

She now faces sentencing which could result in up to 20 years in prison…and Nancy Grace, who hosts a show on Headline News, will be featuring the story tonight. 

At issue will be whether or not the jury got the verdict right.  Clark and her attorney claim that the deaths of her two infant sons, Christian who died 2009 and Tristan in 2010, were the results of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and not the accidental result of smothering while sleeping in their parent’s bed.

This is obviously a tragedy for everyone involved, and the only reason that the second death became something of a criminal case is that authorities told Vanessa Clark about the suffocation dangers of sleeping with an infant after the death of Christian, yet, they claim she did not heed these warnings which contributed to the death of Tristan.

Nancy Grace on Headline News airs at 7pm Central Time.