After a week of no classes because of an historic series of winter storms, Lufkin ISD has made the announcement that they will once again need to cancel classes.  All schools in Lufkin ISD will remain closed on Monday, Feb. 22 due to extensive repairs and clean up on campuses. Some campuses do not have electricity and others have water issues. There will be no virtual learning.

Lufkin ISD
Lufkin ISD


Lufkin ISD maintenance staff are working tirelessly throughout the weekend to clean up and repair pipes and water damage at the schools. At last report, the City of Lufkin continues to be under a boil water notice as six of the city's nine water supply wells are currently operating. 

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Nacogdoches ISD will have no in-person classes for Monday and Tuesday, but they will have virtual learning those two days.  Hudson ISD has made the announcement that they plan on resuming classes as normal on Monday.  An e-mail was sent to staff and parents concerning a few changes for the time being, such as students and staff should bring their own drinking water since most of Hudson continues to be under a boil water notice.

Numerous other school districts intend to open doors on Monday while others are still ascertaining the damage and possible circumstances before making a decision.  Please consult your local school's website or social media. 


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