Twice a year in the United States we endure a time shift that affects everything from the global economy to the clocks on our bedside tables. Has time finally run out for this annual change?

The US Senate has just passed a piece of legislation that would make Daylight Saving Time permanent. That means our Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have already had their say. That means that the current time might just be permanent forever.

Now it has to go to a Congressional Vote in The House of Representatives. For us in District 1, that means Louie Gohmert will be voting soon about this time debacle.

Texas Representative Trent Ashby Wants To Know Your Opinion

Recently I found a poll from Texas State Representative Trent Ashby asking for our opinion on the subject. This one is asking about a Texas-only situation, which could mirror Arizona and Hawaii where they do not observe daylight saving time.

Make your voice heard by taking the poll, just CLICK HERE. There you will indicate your preference of either exempting Texas from daylight saving or observing it year-round.

Daylight saving didn't become a standard practice in the US until 1966. That means there are people out there that might remember a time before this shift, and I would love to hear their opinions on the change.

We Might Be Done With All Of This Lost Sleep Due To Daylight Saving In Texas

I'm still sleeping too late, and this week has been a bit hectic because of it. There are many studies about how all of this affects the human body, and none of it is good.

This might be the first legislation that Republicans and Democrats agree on in a very long time. I will be really interested in how this all turns out.

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