The AutoZone on Timberland Drive in Lufkin has been closed since the day of a one-vehicle accident that took the life of a trucker hauling a load of bananas on November 24th, 2021. Since then not much has changed.

The only person making any money out of that location is the string of different security guards that seem to be swapping the same yellow and green light between their cars after every shift.  Day and night they have been there for 109 days.

I'm starting to think that the Taco Bell across the street will be finished by the time they decide to start rebuilding the store. Then it occurred to me that they might not be planning that at all.

AutoZone In Lufkin Used To Be A Mexican Food Restaurant

Though AutoZone has been at this current location at 1009 North Timberland Drive for over 30 years the exterior is quite unique. That's because the part facing Timberland, which was utilized as a parts warehouse; used to be an entire Mexican food restaurant.

El Pollino was its name, and I vaguely remember when they were in operation. They had metal suits of armor guarding the entrance facing Timberland.

Everyone remembers the food very favorably and it is most likely a long-forgotten chain. I believe after the one here closed, they still had a Conroe location for years after, and now even it has closed for good.

Are We Getting A New AutoZone In Lufkin, Texas?

After someone ran into our generator at the station it took a long time for the insurance to pay and a new one to be installed. I think the same scenario is playing out at this Autozone.

I believe once the insurance adjusters are done, they will demolish the rest of the structure. The property there would be a great location for another fast-food place, but perhaps not the best for an AutoZone. 

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I think we will get a new AutoZone one day, but maybe at a new location. The AutoZone Lufkin google search page now says that the location is permanently closed.

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