You might not notice at first glance when you drive by the Lufkin Mall, but something is going on in the back lot. Carnival rides are quickly being assembled to produce the fun that they are known for.

The Evans United Shows giant carnival is coming back to town starting Thursday, March 17th, 2022 until Monday, March 27th. This is perfect timing for spring break for many area schools.

If you are doing a staycation this spring break, this would be a cost-effective way to have a lot of fun. Be listening for us to be out at the Evans United Shows carnival broadcasting live on Friday and Saturday night.

Evans United Shows Huge Spring Carnival Behind Lufkin Mall 

The one question on everyone's mind is - how much? Firstly parking and admission is free, so you can take a look around before you ever spend a dollar.

You can also go right up and buy a funnel cake from the concession stand if you aren't able to ride the rides. If you aren't scared of fun, ride coupons start at just $1.25 each. 

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You can get 20 discount coupons for $20 and 50 super discount coupons for $45. All the rides take 3 or more coupons, so stock up.

How Much Are Armbands At The Carnival Behind Lufkin Mall

If you are looking for a bargain and the most fun possible, I think you should go for the armband specials. For just $25 per person, you can ride all the rides you want.

Armband Times 
Weeknights: 6-10 PM
Saturday/Sunday: (2 separate sessions daily)
Afternoon Session: 1-5 PM
Evening Session: 6-10 PM
(Armbands are $25 per person and per session)
-Carnival Hours and Armband Specials are Weather Permitting & Subject to Change

There are some big rides going up and there will be some big thrills to go along with them. There will be a giant Ferris Wheel that will be so lit up, you could see it from space.

Evans United Shows Carnival

Big rides going up means big fun is coming to town once again.

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