Every semester we team up with Whataburger to award an East Texas teacher with a $1,000 classroom grant in our Teacher of the Day feature on KICKS 105.  We ask our listeners to go to our KICKS 105 App or website and nominate a teacher...or two...or more. We then draw from those nominations for our semester winner.

Over the past 5 years, ten teachers have been awarded the $1,000.  Most recently Kim Flores of St. Cyprian's School in Lufkin received the classroom grant.

There are many area teachers who get nominated every semester.  Students, parents of students, co-workers, friends and families take time to say some wonderful things about these nominated teachers.  We've compiled a list of what was said about nominated teachers over the past semester.

We were not able to find pictures for some of the teachers on their schools' websites.  The first list is made up of those teachers.  The second list includes a gallery of photos of nominated teachers.

Samantha Jacks - Broaddus Elementary

Samantha is always their for her students, fellow teachers, friends, and family. She helps in anyway that she can when someone needs help. The kids love her at Broaddus Elementary.

Barbara Peterson - St. Cyprian's

Barbara is always doing a fun activity with her students while teaching them wonderful life skills.

Krissy Long - Zavalla

Krissy Long teaches 6th-8th grade reading, but more than that, she has a true passion and desire to instill the love of reading in every student. She buys books for her classroom library that provide students a wide variety of reading selections. Her students respond well to her, and many of them become avid readers under her guidance. When she's not in the classroom, she is Coach Long, assisting with four high school girls' sports - the same four sports she participated in herself as a Zavalla Lady Eagle. She is a true inspiration!

Ashley Thompson - Onalaska

She always goes above and beyond to make her students feel comfortable and loved! My son talks about her like she is truly his best friend! My son has grown educationally so much in the short amount of school year. I can’t wait to see what the whole school year has in store for him by her leadership! We love Ashley Thompson!

Melissa Sherrod - Chireno

She is very special because she will be retiring this year. She taught my daughter, now she has taught my grandson. We are blessed that the last one of my grandchildren have her this year.

Latricia Brooks - Quest Collegiate Academy Crockett

Very helpful with the kids! Very sweet.

Kerri Bailey - Woden

Kerri LOVES her pre-k babies as if they were all her own! At 36 years old, she graduated from SFA and began her teaching career. All the mommas want Ms. Bailey to have their babies.

Kim Feaster - Huntington Elementary

This teacher has helped my son TREMENDOUSLY through his disorder. He is never treated any different. He has been thriving since day one with Mrs. Feaster! She never fails to check on him, heck, she even checks on me! She is a wonderful lady and so deserving!

Amanda Lumbreraz - Grapeland Jr. High

Amanda is a loving teacher who cares about her students at home as well as at school. Amanda goes above and beyond to be a mentor to her students and make them comfortable no matter the complications. Amanda Lumbreraz stands by her students and the education she provides them giving each child the confidence needed to succeed.

Jeanie Newman - Groveton Elementary

Jeanie Newman is a very hard working special education teacher that puts her students need & wants before her own. She not only teaches the students but also has learned a lot from them. Her moral character & honesty with the kids is unbelievable. She goes above & beyond to see smiles light up in her classroom daily.

Jolea Mashaw - Warren Elementary

She is a hard working teacher who goes above and beyond for her students!

Nicole Markle - Brookhollow Elementary

Mrs. Markle dedicates so much of her time to her students making sure they are well taken care of in and out of class. She also is involved in the arts and craft after school program to allow them the students to have extra opportunities. All of that and still manages to be an amazing wife and mother.

Pam McPherson - Dunbar Primary

Ms. Pam is very dedicated to her student. Even when she contracted COVID after the beginning of this school year, she kept in contact with her students and the parents of her students. She is always doing something special with and for her Kindergarten kids.

Laurel Rigling - Brookhollow Elementary

She is a first year teacher and she puts her heart and soul into her classroom. She is a sweet and sincere teacher and loves each and every one of her students!

Robyn Martin - Hemphill Elementary

Robyn teaches first grade and loves those babies like her own. I have watched her go above and beyond to make sure that each child has everything and more than they need. She is very dedicated and loves her students.

Lana Woods - Huntington

She’s patient, kind and loves helping her kids grow! Being a teacher is more then teaching it is love and being emotionally present everyday even when you have other things going on.

Holly Dykes - Huntington Elementary

She is awesome with all kids and spends lots of time before and after school working to make things a great learning experience for her kids.

Emily Thompson - Brookhollow Elementary

This new teacher accepted a 5th grade science position the week following Thanksgiving. She is determined to provide students with the best learning environment possible. Her innovation and dedication for students success is a joy to witness.

Michelle Cowan - Chester

Mrs. Cowan is an incredible teacher. She absolutely loves her students. She always goes above and beyond for her students, she always makes sure to reach their educational needs.

This teacher goes above and beyond for students and her coworkers. She does all of the technology work, while also teaching her classes. She makes sure that all teachers, students, and staff members technology needs are met.

Amy Donahoe - Central Elementary

Mrs. Donahoe is an outstanding 2nd grade teacher and role model for her children! Last Thanksgiving my daughter broke her leg requiring surgery at Texas Children's and months of physical therapy. Amy contacted all of the parents during the holiday break and had each child make a video telling my daughter how much they loved her and were praying for her. Amy then put all of these together for her to see and lift her spirits. She also went above and beyond to ensure that my daughters education didn't suffer from missing weeks of school. She would even FaceTime us and help teach her on her own time. I could never repay her or thank her enough for everything she did for my daughter that she truly didn't have to do.

Pineywoods Area Learners

I belong to a Homeschool Co-op here in Angelina County called the Pineywoods Area Learners. We are a group of about 15 families with about 45 kids. Each co-op day 1 parent teaches something awesome to the kiddos. I feel homeschool moms should be recognized just like any teacher should because we teach 24hrs a day and most time it is not just our child either and it is a great feeling to know we came together as a village. Our group has co-op days, STEM & math days, park days, field trips and we even have a Pokemon Club. Moms have a mom's night once every couple of months & we also plan out our year & take on our weeks & plan ahead for parties and ventures like Wild & Free program & we do it all out of our own pockets.

Annie Dean - Woden High School

My daughter faith had her when she was in Pre-K 4 and now Mrs. Dean is teaching homemaking in high school even though she's not teaching elementary anymore she always finds time to check on Faith and that means so much to us that she still finds time in her busy schedule to Check on Faith to me that's why she's the best teacher ever

Melissa Duncan - Cushing Jr. High

She is my daughter’s favorite teacher. Rylie likes going to school because Mrs. Duncan makes it fun which I feel like is a major accomplishment with that age group.

Jami Clark - Douglass

Mrs. Clark is absolutely the sweetest. She isn't just there for the money. She truly loves all of her kids. My son absolutely loves her, she's so so good to the kids. And will bring the kids treats and just honestly an amazing person.

Brianna Lucas - Coston Elementary

Brianna Lucas is a first-year teacher in the Lufkin ISD school district. She is currently enrolled at Texas State University working on obtaining her certification to become a licensed teacher in the state of Texas. Brianna has worked diligently over the past year to provide her young fourth graders with a quality education on top of her working on furthering her own education. She has been faced with many roadblocks and other hurdles but continues to do her job with the heart of a servant. She won paraprofessional of the year in 2020 at Coston Elementary and continues to invest time and resources into her students. I may be a little biased since I am her husband, but I do believe she is a great candidate and most deserving of the teacher of the day.

Davana Sanders - Broaddus High School

She works with my son in his SKILLS class. She has so much patience with all these kids that she deserves the world. She treats each of her kids as hers. My son hasn't connected with a teacher in the past few years as he has to Ms. Davana.

Ashley Bates - Mt. Vernon ISD

Mrs. Bates has earned a lot of respect in the classroom, now works in the high school library, is part of several extra groups in the school and is giving up her free time after school hours to be a homebound teacher. She dedicates her entire day to students and always has a great personality and a smile.

KICKS 105 Teacher of the Day Nominations - Fall 2021

Here are the teachers that were nominated in the KICKS 105/Whataburger Teacher of the Day promotion for the 2021 Fall semester.

Feel free to nominate a teacher here.


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