Tom Boggs, the owner and proprietor of Old Souls Food Truck in Lufkin, made it facebook official that he would no longer be running the food truck.

via old souls food truck facebook

If you never got to try any of the amazing food from Old Souls, you really missed out. Tom usually parked the truck in downtown Lufkin. Hopefully like me you had a chance to sample their food at local events, or made a special trip downtown to the truck.

Tom is a great guy, and a friend to everyone here at the station, and we wish him the best on his next endeavor. It might be better that you never had any food from the truck, then you won't have to miss it like we will.

via Old Souls on Facebook

There are all kinds of food, coffee, and flower trucks popping up downtown. There is even a proposed food truck area being built for rolling businesses, and I was hoping to see them there. It's sad to lose our original, and at one time only, food truck in town. It gave a bit of sophistication to the town, to have a truck this authentic, serving great food downtown.

It will be strange not seeing "Rosie Bell" roaming East Texas selling Cubano sandwiches. Good Luck, Tom.

Your Pal, Dangerous Dan Patrick