There are so different hazards here in Texas Forest Country. Things than kids going from house to house in the rest of the country, would never have to worry about . Here are some things to avoid, and some things remember. Stay safe during this Halloween season.

We left off some joke-type stuff off the list. You don't have to worry about your kid bringing cigarettes home in their candy bags... hopefully.

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    Getty Images

    Spooky Doggy Dont's

    Here dogs just roam free. You could really ruin your night stepping somewhere you shouldn't. So remember to pick up after your dogs in costume. Keep to the street, or sidewalk, and watch where you going. You might just avoid this doggy deposit pitfall. Candy tastes

  • FamVeld, ThinkStock Images
    FamVeld, ThinkStock Images

    Scary Wet Rainy Days

    Hope you are going as a crew member from "The Deadliest Catch" or the Gordon's Fisherman. October is historically a month with heavy rain in East Texas. This year it's just cold.

  • TSM Lufkin
    TSM Lufkin

    Old Candy

    In East Texas some houses are so far apart they don't get many trick-or-treaters. So if you are in the middle of nowhere, and you knock, chances are they are gonna dig up some old candy, or give you a can of beans.


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    Invisible Man Syndrome

    If they can't see you, they might hit you. Wear costumes with reflective panels to stay in view. Choose masks with lots of visibility, or opt for some makeup to complete that Halloween look.

  • Scott Barbour, Getty Images
    Scott Barbour, Getty Images

    Super Cold

    If it's not raining, and you aren't sweating though your costume, it will be near freezing. This time of year weather in East Texas will make you a believer that anything can happen. It can be 90 and very hot and humid in East Texas on Halloween. This year we will be in the mid 40's.

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